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You are dependent on your sales! If nothing gets sold – nothing else matters. Who sells? Everyone does! What differentiates long-term and profitable sales from the rest is HOW your organisation sells. It’s all about alignment right throughout the perceived value chain. If you cannot differentiate yourself, your company or your products – it’s just a transaction.

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Our Key Competencies

By bringing together the best of the best in training and consulting and gaining serious insight into your total value chain process, BeyondB2B is able to add unique value to your B2B proposition. You can: protect your margins, increase your value, find new customers, new opportunities within existing customers, sell your complete range of products and services, ensure that every deal includes your highest margin aspects and bring it in earlier, more predictably and get paid on time.

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Our network of international associates work tirelessly to deliver true value to all our clients.


Don Duguid

Founder, Principal and Senior Consultant

A performance development consultant with a proven track record of delivering improved bottom-line results in the business-to-business arena by assessing sales & marketing needs, supply chain management, and all things Kaizen and implementing proven and validated solutions and measuring the results produced.


“Intensive sales training which takes the actual process of selling apart – looks at all the separate elements and works on understanding & fine tuning how these work together.” ®Inside R3 Sales®Inside Sales Professional, Juniper Networks
“Completely necessary and worthwhile to anyone in any environment. It is adaptable and a ‘life skill’.”Acclivus Coaching®Country Manager, AT&T EMEA
“Two very intense days of sales training. But a very valuable investment for yourself, the company and your clients and… even beyond that.”Acclivus R3 Sales®Sales Manager, Tyco Benelux


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